JZL Series Extruding Granulaing Machine

Keywords: extraction and concentration pressure vessel series equipment Drying series equipment, mixing granulating and crushing series equipment

Photoinitiator (PI) is the key component of UV curing materials, which plays a decisive role in the speed of UV curing. Photoinitiator is a kind of material which can absorb radiation energy and produce active intermediates (free radicals or cations) with the ability of initiating polymerization.


Scope of Application

★The machine is mainly suitable for pharmaceutical industry,foodstuff industry,chemical industry,solid drink industry and so on.It can make the stirred raw material granulate the needed granule.Especially,it is suitable for raw materials that have sticky adhesive.


★All parts contacted with raw material in this machine are made of stainless steel.Its apperance is beauty and taste and its structure is reasonable.Its efficiency is high and the granule is beauty.Its discharge is automatic.Therefore it can avoid the damaged conditions caused manual.It is suitable for in line production too.

Technical Parameters

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