ZKS Series Mixer Vacuum Appending Machine

Keywords: extraction and concentration pressure vessel series equipment Drying series equipment, mixing granulating and crushing series equipment

Photoinitiator (PI) is the key component of UV curing materials, which plays a decisive role in the speed of UV curing. Photoinitiator is a kind of material which can absorb radiation energy and produce active intermediates (free radicals or cations) with the ability of initiating polymerization.



★In most of Pharmaceutical manufactures,V-typemixer,2-D motion mixer and 3-D motion mixer are always fed by manpower with the large labor intensity and dust emssions, so that the workshop can't pass through the GMP authentication. But the FH type of mixer vacuum appending machine we produced has already solved this problems. It can complete all kinds of mixers' auto-feeding with no need of external vacuum and any other elevating equipments. Whole operation complies with GMP requirements.

★This device consists of suction mouth, bag filter, ramping cleaner, vacuum pump, dust recycling tank, electrical appliance, etc. Thw whole device features reasonable design, fine manufacture, easy to dismounting and complies with GMP requirements.

Technical Parameters


Transmission capacity (kg/h)

Power (kw)

Overall Size (kw)


700 3

1350 × 420 × 1250


1200 5.5

1450 × 610 ×1350


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