MC Series Pulse Dust Filter With Cloth Bag

Keywords: extraction and concentration pressure vessel series equipment Drying series equipment, mixing granulating and crushing series equipment

Photoinitiator (PI) is the key component of UV curing materials, which plays a decisive role in the speed of UV curing. Photoinitiator is a kind of material which can absorb radiation energy and produce active intermediates (free radicals or cations) with the ability of initiating polymerization.



★On the basis of MC-I type, the square type pulse dust filter with cloth bag MC-II is the amende and improved one. In addition to the advantages that I type is high in the dust removing efficiency, big in the air capacity, stable in the performance, easy in operation and maintenance, MC-II has the better result than MC-I. Such as: it is not easy to build up the powder and its application is wide and so on. The device is widely used for the ventilation, dust removing and powder restoration in teh grain, food, feed, metallurgical, chemical, building material, medical and other industries.

Main Dimension

Schmatic installation


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