Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) dynamic extraction production line at low temperature

Keywords: extraction and concentration pressure vessel series equipment Drying series equipment, mixing granulating and crushing series equipment

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★Jiangsu Jiangyin SuperBest Machinery Manufacturing Company(Suxin drying) produce traditional Chinese Medicine

(TCM) equipments, developed low temperature pharmaceutical equipment, such as multi-stage continuously counter-current leaching unit(immersion ultrasonic extraction tank), vacuum rotary membrane evaporator and Chinese traditional medicine extraction spray drier, which can be composed of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) low temperature dynamic extraction production line, conformed to the scientific principles of Chinese drugs pharmaceutics, with the advantages of high gain efficiency of extraction, good quality, short time, saving energy and reducing consumption, in line with the GMP standard requirements, suitable for multiple industries production use, for example large, medium and small pharmaceutical factory, scientific research institutions, hospital preparations and food & health.

★Some unstable chemical composition(e.g. heat-sensitive active ingredients) inside natural products(such as traditional Chinese medicine) will happen chemical change under the condition of over-high temperature and too long heating time, which will influence the receiving rate and quality of the immersion and extraction material.

★In leaching unit, the company developed multistage continuously counter-current leaching unit(immersion ultrasonic extraction tank), which is running at normal or low temperature without heating so that to avoid heat-sensitive active ingredients destroying. In concentrated unit, the vacuum rotary thin-film concentrator imitated to Europe Denmark Nile products has increased total heat transfer coefficient, the evaporation temperature can be 25 to 50 C. In drying unit, using the traditional Chinese medicine extraction spray drier to make the drying material stay inside time in seconds, so that to avoid heating time too long. The specific introductions are as below.

UItrasonic extraction

★UItrasonic multi-stage continuously countercurrent extraction unit is suitable for processing the large scale extraction,ultrasonic extraction leaching tank is suitable for processing a small quantity extraction.

★UItrasonic extraction is a modem technology aimed at strengthening extraction emerging in traditional Chinese medicine industry recent years.The comprehensive function,such as cavitation,mechanical and thermal effect,can accelerate the wall-

breaking of medicinal tissue cells,make the medicine effective component leaching completely,leaching gain rate higher than the conventional leaching,so fully use the medicinal materials resources and obtain relatively more leaching products.And under the condition of short leaching time,low temperature,less energy and material consumption and high leaching product quality,the ultrasonic extraction equipment will be continuous developing and improving with a bright future.

★The energy transducer for some ultrasonic extraction devices are all installed outside the wall under existing technology,the ultrasonic need pass through the wall and cooling medium and then transfer to the material,so the ultrasonic energy utilization rate is low and uneven.The multi-stage continuously counter-current leaching unit produced by our company has its special introduction.The ultrasonic extraction tank produced by our company for processing less quantity extraction combined immersion energy transducer together,all materials are within the effective range of ultrasonic field,and ensures the extraction to be done under appropriate temperature through adjusting the bottom.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) dynamic extraction production line at low temperature

Chinese traditional medicine extraction spray drier ZLPG

★The droplets temperature in the process of drying is lower,which is suitable for drying themal sensitive material,and keep the material color,aroma and taste.

★Fast drying speed,typically require more than ten seconds,with the characteristics of instantaneous drying.

★To prevent drying tower generating wall sticking phenomenon,this device is equipped with special structure,effectively prevent wall sticking phenomena of the product.

★Unique product powder conveying system separates the dried finished products and the hot and wet air within system in time to avoid the possibility of dry product absorbing moisture or agglomerate.

Organic solvent distillation recovery tower

★The general single effect or multiple effect concentrated device can only make the solvent mixture preliminary separation after a partial vaporization and condensation,which cannot offer two pure components,it must use the distillation process for multiple parts vaporization and condensation.

★The JH series solvent distillation recovery tower produced by our company can distillate the dilute solvent about 30 to 90~95

through the backflow of mass and heat transfer and multiple parts vaporization and condensation,which satisfy the user purification and recycling requirements on some organic solvent mixture in extraction process so that to energy conservation and efficiency improvement and reduce the cost.

★Jiangsu Jiangyin SuperBest Machinery Manufacturing Company(Suxin drying)is a machinery and equipment manufactur-ing enterprises,such as production of crushing sieving,leaching,extraction,evaporation concentration,drying granulation,multidimensional mixing,separation and distillation,container loading equipment.With the rapid development of modem science and technology,our company has both mature traditional equipment and also has the advanced technology new generation equipment.Particularly welcome all industry users with material to our company pilot magnification validation basefor test running,namely to do pilot scale validation magnification work,to get the process data close to production scale,and to verify the user implementation what kind of specific craft and choose what kind of structure equipment through the practice,so that to match the actual production to improve efficiency,benefit and quality.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) dynamic extraction production line at low temperature

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