Lead's Oration

Welcome to visit Jiangyin Suxin Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. through the Internet, and express our heartfelt thanks to all the friends who have followed us.
Jiangyin Suxin Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of traditional Chinese medicine extraction, drying, mixing, granulation and sterilization equipment. Satisfied quality and thoughtful after-sales service have received unanimous praise from domestic and foreign users. The company's development speed has begun to take shape today, becoming a dynamic and innovative high-tech enterprise, and is taking the path of collectivization industry.
We are in a network era where information is ubiquitous, and we have opened up its activation mechanism in the vast world of the Internet. We will continue to innovate and meet the needs of different users. So, whether you are a customer or a partner. Or investors hope to see everything Jiangyin Suxin Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. provides for you from this site, so that you can know more about Suxin and its products.

Jiangyin Suxin Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. always focuses on the market to meet customer needs. We are committed to providing customers with satisfactory products, and the company continuously absorbs and introduces domestic and foreign management experience based on actual situations. Explore suitable development paths and scientific management methods for oneself. Continuously attracting high-quality and high-level management and technical talents has led to rapid improvement in various aspects of the enterprise; We have established and implemented a complete ISO9001:2000 international quality assurance system We believe that our display on internet platforms will establish a sustainable development path in market operations; And with strong technical strength. Sophisticated processing technology and strict testing methods provide customers with satisfactory designs, achieving better solutions and comprehensive services.
The enterprise spirit of Jiangyin Suxin Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. is "truth-seeking, innovation, unity and striving". It will motivate and motivate the initiative and creativity of every employee in the company, making Su Xin more dynamic and vibrant in the high-tech field and fiercely competitive market.
Win with sincerity, win with quality, seek development with innovation, strive for excellence, and prioritize service. In order to usher in a better tomorrow, we firmly believe that Jiangyin Suxin Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. will have a better tomorrow