Improve the effect of exciting, domestic drying equipment of science and technology content

Today, the green environmental protection and energy saving has become a global topic, different situations, many companies are developing green mechanical products, drying equipment is no exception, although in the international competition, China drying equipment's main advantage in low price, but the degree of automation control in products, quality, performance, etc, also need to be further improved.
Faster and faster with the development of modern society, all walks of life is very pressing to the requirement of improving efficiency, through the effect of natural wind to dry materials to achieve already can't meet the needs of modern industrial development. Under this demand, the emergence of the drying equipment can achieve material or finished products in the industry to promote the efficiency of drying. With the development of national environmental protection industry, the industry is more and more pay attention to production and equipment of environmental protection and energy saving. Environmental protection machinery products has become a new favorite, and drying equipment industry, large energy consumption as the trend of environmental protection is essential.
After decades of development, the drying equipment and technology in China has made great progress, more and more kinds products, expanding market demand. At present, the improvement of China's domestic drying equipment of science and technology content, are happy effect. Domestic drying equipment industry has long been has such features: small scale of production, the entry threshold is low, the overall technical content is not high, but now the high-tech content product is spurring the emergence of drying equipment manufacturing backbone enterprises.
It is understood that the current Chinese drying energy consumption accounted for the entire industry the proportion of the total energy consumption almost 1 times higher than the UK, after the reform and opening up, especially in recent years, China's economic growth potential has been effectively released, shortage of economic formation of the supply and demand relations has had the fundamental change, a buyer's market has been formed. But under the pressure of a buyer's market, some companies are chasing the market rather than to seek out and expand the market, enterprises focus on the recent market demand more mature products. Therefore in the oven, vibration fluidized bed, spray drying machine, etc, the manufacturer is concentrated, the competition is fierce. The enterprises engaged in the development of drying equipment in industry is less, the improvement of the new products and new product launch mainly by imitate each other.
Drying equipment resources saving development path to walk, to conduct a comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation, to develop the application of renewable energy and industrial waste heat drying technology, should implement the development strategy of high efficiency and green dry, energy efficiency, environmental protection and the quality of the product must be comprehensive consideration, to ensure the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, the first thing to go economized development resources, change single extensive drying for combination, intelligent drying. Not only from the fundamental on the drying process, to conduct a comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation, to develop the application of renewable energy and industrial waste heat drying technology, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, improve industry concentration, promote the competitiveness of domestic drying equipment in the international market.
With the need of social progress and development, machinery and equipment industry is from the "traditional industry" to the "energy-saving environmental protection industry" transformation has become the industry trends. Related enterprises have to do is through technology improvement, keep up with the trend of industry development, production research and development of new equipment to meet the demand of industry.