Why are expensive grain dryers popular

Is now in the season, but fairy jiangdu district town of agricultural machinery large Zhou Changsong 1:00 also not idle, busy casting base and wall of build by laying bricks or stones to build houses, to invest in more than 40 ten thousand yuan purchase of grain dryers to build "new home". "I think in a few days to 3 dryer entered the house, finish installation and debugging for the autumn harvest." Zhou Changsong said.
Grain dryers such a "tall", becoming a jiangdu farmers "to be bestowed favor on newly". It is understood that since this year, jiangdu district the enthusiasm of farmers to buy grain dryers to an all-time high, district has 75 units, to carry out the new dryer installed 36 units at present.
"The dryer one-time investment is high, the low utilization rate, only rice processing enterprises to buy." Jiangdu district director of NongJiJu Zhou Jinnian introduction, FanChuan town farming since 2011, a large Tan Longxiang buy the dryer, as of last 10 sets of jiangdu district farmers and new this year to purchase the dryer was jumped. There are two reasons, one is upgrade subsidy policy in place, a dryer subsidies of 40000 yuan. 2 it is to promote the rural land moderate scale management, improve the actual demand of the dryer.
A dryer 10230 thousand price, plus building room, cost hundreds of thousands of, the investment deal? The author visited several purchase large grain dryers, they have to give you the answer.
Large grain long tan detailed - "no longer sorrow rush in the harvest and dry food,"
"From three years ago with the dryer, I am more confident farming, light rain all don't interfere with the harvest, food down directly to the room to dry." Tan Longxiang contracting nearly 600 mu of land, he can still be proud of decisive decision three years ago. "Ever busy harvest, everyday want to stare at the weather forecast, also employing 50 people to help dry food, is green coffees which are more than 10 acres. In recent years with the dryer, not only avoid the hand food by natural disasters, and save the cost." He said.
Large grain li xuefeng - "unfavorable" sold more than 50000 yuan
Shao Bo farming town a large li xuefeng land circulation of more than 1300 acres, built before the summer harvest this year more than 500 square meters room, the newly bought 3 dryer installed. Li has introduced, this year's summer grain, general farmers because of the high moisture content of wheat, priced at 1.16 yuan, 1.17 yuan per kilogram, while his wheat after low temperature drying, quality is better, to 1.21 yuan, 1.22 yuan, that alone earn 50000 multivariate. Today, took a fancy to his rice grain processing enterprises, because can play "don't be born" rice production and processing.
"Buy the dryer can not only avoid climate risks, but also can ensure timely planting of wheat." Li xuefeng said that in order to solve the problem of grain drying, before large farming intentionally delay rice harvest, this will affect the timely autumn sowing.
New problems: room land should be coordinated
Jiangdu NongJiJu controller introduces, at present the enthusiasm of the large grain purchase dryer continued high, but this year there are more than 20 dryer land was not fully implemented, this district has held two meetings to coordinate. Agricultural machinery department will go all out to ensure that the new dryer installed before the autumn harvest this year.