Under the market demand for food drying equipment to strengthen technological innovation

In recent years, our country food drying equipment in the domestic market share has reached more than 80%, the drying equipment is mainly used in food, agricultural products processing, pharmaceutical, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, forest products, light industrial ceramics, etc, especially for food, fruit, Chinese prickly ash, such as drying up very important role.
Most of the food is the wet material contains a lot of water, if the commodity food moisture content too much, will cause the life activities of microorganism, and leads to food corruption or shorten the shelf life of food, and increase the transportation cost. For raw materials of food processing, including sorting, crushing, separation, mixing machine, sterilization, cold and dry, and many other processes, and drying processes is a key link to ensure the quality of food. In the food drying process, can prevent microbes breeding in food, facilitate storage, can reduce the volume and weight of the food at the same time, to reduce transportation costs.
In recent years, food drying equipment for demand increased gradually. Especially in the vacuum freeze-drying equipment equipment, has the function of combination of large size (e.g., granulating, drying, drying, filtering) equipment such as the growing demand, high automatic drying equipment in some application fields are also very popular. In addition, the appearance quality good drying equipment, corrosion ability, long service life of corrosive material drying equipment has also been downstream enterprise's special attention.
Drying equipment, pharmaceutical and food is the most common application areas of these two areas is relatively high to the requirement of drying equipment, for the material, structure and processing quality of drying equipment used have specific requirements, the drying equipment and drying system also has the strict health indicators requirements, therefore, need to constantly, through technical innovation to meet the constantly promoting demand of application domain, it is also must walk the road of drying equipment industry breakthrough development in our country. But at present, our country drying equipment production enterprise's innovation ability is generally low, to be able to release the new technology, new products of independent intellectual property rights of enterprises, led to the slow development of drying technology. Root cause is the technological innovation level is not enough, industry enterprise should be in the direction of the technology, automation, manufacturing process and material design.
At present, the drying equipment is the price is only less than half of the same products abroad; On the other hand, due to large volume of drying equipment, most also involves on-site installation, commissioning and after-sales service, etc. So for domestic users, choose good packaging machinery and equipment manufacturers to ensure that your equipment operation more reliable, more efficient energy saving of long time running.

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