China's largest chemical equipment exhibition held in Shanghai exhibition scale to an all-time high in August

Released by the China national chemical equipment industry development trends and prospect of investment research report points out that in 2013 China's chemical industry's main business income reached 8 trillion yuan, the main business income of enterprises above designated size, total asset growth rate were significantly higher than the same period of the industry of the national average level, while current national chemical giant is to speed up the strategic layout of the Chinese market, but as to enhance the independent innovation ability, shorten the gap with foreign chemical companies technology, chemical equipment enterprises in our country also has to provide users with the most advanced, the most suitable products.
The sixth China (Shanghai) international chemical technology and equipment exhibition (CTEF Shanghai chemical equipment exhibition) on August 26-28, 2014 was held at Shanghai new international expo center, the exhibition area of more than 35000 square meters, more than 500 exhibitors, professional audience break through 30000 person-time, is China's largest chemical equipment exhibition.
Technology is king High-end products exciting show
For the global chemical industry, chemical industry growth of the brutal era is in the end, looking for potential industry and market segment into the industry's giants. IHS chemical analysis report, according to latest global new chemical production capacity, investment in 2014 will reach a peak of $120 billion, has long been the center of the global chemical supply and demand in Asia, especially China, 2020 years ago will still become the dominant force in the world. This exhibition to sulzer chemical, dupont chemical, America corning, France deco, tai ho, German stoll, Italian blue handkerchief, such as Germany, treasure filtering chemicals giant brought abroad including mass transfer equipment, reactor, globe valves, vacuum pumps, control valves, filters, and other new products, including a number of products and technology are made its debut in China.
Experts pointed out that structural adjustment, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and promote enterprise energy conservation and emissions reduction has become the consensus of the chemical equipment industry in our country, the equipment manufacturing sector is very competitive, enterprises come to realize that the future must form their own characteristics, and expand the development space, from a single manufacturer gradually transition to the integration of manufacturing services. This exhibition, involves equipment manufacturing enterprises have Shanghai huayi group, hangzhou phil filtering, Shanghai merlot ko, dalian empire, DE d turbomachinery tianshan, jiangsu, zhejiang were fluorine, hangzhou trillion wins, upper susquehanna vega, hebei LeHeng chemical, Shanghai vacuum pump, wuxi guinot, Shanghai fu lai, dalian sea ladder grams, jiangyin with yue, Shanghai wei hazel, zibo, vacuum pump, zibo ze sheng jiang, Shanghai mechanical force, Shanghai, wenzhou ji hui, Mr. Machinery, vibration xinxiang English, Shanghai winger, wuzhou refrigerating, PuRen technology, baoji, keep good and Taiwan shun, etc.
Seamless docking through chemical industry chain
As China's largest chemical equipment exhibition, Shanghai chemical equipment exhibition has been successfully held five sessions, has always been a chemical equipment industry exhibition of choice for promotion, this year is attracted Chinese chlor-alkali industry association, China chemical enterprise management association, Shanghai chemical industry association, Shanghai chemical industry council (China), Shanghai dye coating industry association, Europump Europe pump manufacturers association, the British pump manufacturers' association BPMA, PPMA Britain, east China university of science and technology, processing and packaging machinery association in Germany in China general chamber of commerce and other agencies. The organizing committee will be set association, the chamber of commerce, the universities as a whole, through chemical industry chain, and with the help of these organizations has more than 3500 member companies the advantages of resources, invited many member enterprises, experts and scholars at home and abroad and the large chemical equipment purchasing parties to participate in the exhibition, for exhibitors and buyers to build a zero distance, seamless docking trade bridge.
High-end BBS Leading the industry development prospects
It is understood that CTEF Shanghai chemical equipment exhibition this year will be held during the same period seven games theme activities. "2014 China green chemical industry leaders summit", "2014 China chemical equipment procurement mode innovation conference", "Shanghai chemical industry association member contact meeting", "nanjing liuhe economic development zone seminar", "the United States corning technology BBS", "hangzhou phil filtration BBS", "hebei LeHeng chemical technology BBS" large theme activities, such as to the audience and exhibitors to build rich interactive platform.
The next better Shanghai new international 4 square meters exciting show
In addition, according to the reporter understands, "the seventh China (Shanghai) international chemical technology and equipment exhibition" will continue to be held in Shanghai new international expo center, time is on August 26, 2015-28, will enable new sea three new international expo center hall, exhibition scale will expand to 4 square meters. Area divided into more detail, international exhibition, brand exhibition area, respectively, for buyers site visit, negotiate trade to provide more convenient service.